Paid Summer Internship Opportunity with Walker County Government

This internship has public relations, video production and journalism components.

 Walker County Government received a grant to create a series of vignettes for our website and social media platforms about how government works.  Our government has several confusing pieces that we hope to help the public better understand with these videos. For example, our county has a Sole Commissioner, who is both the executive and legislative branch.  We also have a police department AND and sheriff’s office, but they have completely different functions.

 This internship pays $10 an hour, begins in June and ends in July and will result in product the intern can use on a demo reel.  It is only open to currently enrolled college students (undergraduate and graduate) and those graduating in May.

Attached is an informational flyer.  There is also more information about the internship and how to apply on our website at:

Video Production Intern flyer

Atlanta WebMD Office Offering Paid Summer Internship

Paid summer internship at WebMD’s Atlanta office.

The student would be part of our news team and would research and write health news stories and help publish news content.

 The description is here:

The person doesn’t necessarily have to have a health journalism background, but it is crucial they have some news reporting background. This is truly a hands-on internship; our student from last summer wrote a story practically every day. Past interns have written stories ranging from product recalls to topics trending on social media to longer pieces on food adulteration, pool contamination and egg freezing.