Interns Need for Jeff & Jenn Show

Jeff & Jenn Show Interns

Hours: 5AM-10AM (can be flexible if classes/jobs conflict)

Some of our interns are here Monday, Wednesday, & Friday and some are here on Tuesday & Thursday. We can work with school schedules & jobs no problem.

Expectations: It’s early so we’re all about having fun upbeat attitudes coming into work. If a student has trouble making it to an 8AM class, this internship won’t be for them.

Our interns help with a lot. We try to let them put their hands in all the cookie jars so they get the full radio experience, if that makes sense? They’ll do anything from gathering stories for segments, gathering & editing audio for segments, running social media platforms, editing the show segments for blogs on the website, & assisting during the live show with whatever may come up. We also do post-show meetings every day, we call them our ‘creative sessions,’ & we discuss fun ideas we have for the next day. We also discuss what went great on the show & what didn’t go so great. Interns are always welcome to join the creative sessions & we encourage them to bring fun ideas to the table. We’ve had interns come up with great ideas and they end up getting on-air time. Our Producer Jeannine was a former intern who was hired on after her internship because of how awesome she is!

We really have had some great interns. If the student is upbeat, excited to be a part of a fun show, & ready to learn the ins & outs of a live morning show then they’re going to do just fine here. If you know of anyone or if students are interested, again, feel free to pass my information along to them.

Thanks for the help!