Brick House Specialty Resources looking for individual to report and produce weather-related events

Brick House Specialty Resources is looking for someone with an interest in reporting on weather and weather-related events.

100% Reporting and production of spot news and utility with a strong lean toward weather specifically for online consumption through various digital technologies.

Strong editorial judgment.
Tell and produce content through multi-media platforms, video, mobile and new digital technologies that is optimized for the web, across geography.
Works closely with digital content and production leaders to ensure digital channels reflects most current news for Atlanta/Georgia market.
Able to experiment and quickly learn new technologies used to publish content digitally and able to publish error-free copy at a steady and fast pace.
Stays up-to-date on weather forecasts and emerging weather trends.
Consistently initiates and executes new ideas to drive traffic.
Travel (within GA) as news needs dictate in order to be the first responder on breaking news coverage.
Track content metrics.
Recognize news content needs through tracking, understanding, following audience metrics on a frequent basis.
Field reporting.
Combine text with graphics, audio and video.
Exclusive mobile reporting, as needed.
Work during non-traditional work hours.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to:
Wendy Kemp
Managing Partner at Brick House Specialty Resources